earth moon by devon little


earth moon by devon little

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EPSN5039 by nSeika on Flickr.

EPSN5039 by nSeika on Flickr.

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Succulent air plant wall planter

via KimFisherDesigns

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NeSpoon is a street artist from Warsaw, Poland. Her artistic focus is on the intricate patterns of lace, and breaking its granny stereotype by using it to beautify gritty urban spaces. NeSpoon calls her artistic approach the “jewellery of the public space”:

Jewellery makes people look pretty, my public jewellery has the same goal, make public places look better.

NeSpoon often uses the usual spray paint and stencils of enlarged lace patterns to produce her works on the street via

artist find at Lustik

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DBZ is honestly kind of interesting cuz it could be and actually is kind of a shitnerd dude kinda thing but due to the like near ubiquitous experience of watching DBZ, as sort of a collective experience, it becomes reinterpreted and revisited and experienced as something else entirely, especially…

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yesss my lilies-of-the-valley are in full bloom

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Ji Hyunjung by Lee Kyungryul for Marie Claire Korea Oct 2012


Ji Hyunjung by Lee Kyungryul for Marie Claire Korea Oct 2012

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(So I thought this would be an interesting story for sixpenceee.)

Eight families in San Clemente have been targeted in a disturbing pattern under investigation by authorities: porcelain dolls have been left at their homes resembling young girls who live there.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the disturbing discoveries and just released images of two of the dolls. The department initially said only four families were targeted.  

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Please I live 10 minutes from San Clemente

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